Interested in some unique and original Team Building activities in Malaga? The best corporate activities including all aspects of team work, challenge, competition, strategy and so much fun! Here are some very popular MICE team building activities in Malaga:

1- The High-Six Treasure Hunt: This is a must-do in Malaga. The High-Six includes every factor necessary to enhance team work plus creativity, fun and discovering the city. The new generation of interactive treasure hunts including an iPad and a backpack with tools that will help the teams go through all the fun challenges.

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2- Team Building Beach Olympics: A great team building while enjoying the beautiful beaches of Malaga. Whether you like sporty exercises (volley, hopper fun, ...) or more strategic challenges (giant tangram, control tower, ...) all of it can be done in this ideal settings. Competition, fun, teamwork, sand and sea are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable time with your group.

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3- Picasso Challenge: Doesn't it completely make sense to have this kind of activity while in the birth city of the great Pablo Picasso? This artistic, challenging and fun activity can be done both indoors or outdoors and there is no doubt everyone will enjoy it a lot. The group would be divided in teams, each team will have to create a Picasso piece of art and "sell it" to a jury with the best/funniest/most original arguments. The team which will have put the most effort, worked as a team, and shown the most creativity will get the winning prize! 

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4- Escape from the Boat: This is an exclusive and unique activity combining a nice boat ride and the great opportunity of a team building challenge. The popularity of activities offering both a team building factor and incentive aspect is increasing for MICE groups.

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If you are looking for a Corporate activity including team building, strategy, fun, beautiful settings and team work challenges, do not hesitate to go through all the option you will find right here.