Top 10 Group activities in Malaga, Spain : see

Beach Olympics : Ideal outdoor team building activities for small to very large groups. Several teams will be created and will compete against each other in a series of games and challenges such as: Beach volley, hopper fun, control tower, tug of war etc.

Music Box: An exclusive musical challenge during which each one, even the shyest people will end singing their heart out in teams. A very exciting team building and icebreaking activity where you will have to show your musical knowledge, answer music-related questions, guess the song, the artist, complete the missing lyrics and so son.

Escape Boat: An exclusive activity combining both the incentive and team building aspects. The experience consists in a private boat trip with a series of competitive games such as: Fisherman knot competition, wine tasting challenge, personalized quiz, giant island challenge etc..

High-6/ High7 interactive iPad treasure hunt: this is the ultimate and complete team building activity. Ideal to discover the city, its culture, its people and even its gastronomy. Perfect for any group size, each team will be provided with an iPad which will guide them through all the challenges we will have previously placed throughout the city. The team challenges will vary between: taking fun and original photos and videos, answering questions about a monument or your company, solving a brain teasing game, and so on… The most creative teams will get the highest number of points.

Picasso Challenge: What is more “malagueño” than Picasso? Combine culture and fun with this exclusive team building activity? Each team will choose a Picasso painting, divide in 6 parts and recreate it. At the end, the team captains will have to try and convince a jury of why they should buy their piece-of-art. The funniest and most creative arguments, along with the team work and strategy during the whole process, will help win the challenge!

Formula 1: A very complete team building activity which will help explore some very important aspects in your team: leadership, communication, change and time management, creativity and teamwork. Each team will have to build a strategy and design their own F1 car. Specific tasks will have to be wisely distributed within the teams. Once the car is ready, its safety, agility, design etc. will be tested. Let the fun begin!

Strategy Garden Games: The Garden Games are made of several workshops where each team will have to perform better and quicker than the opponents. Again, ideal to work on most of the skills any company would appreciate communication, change and time management, leadership, quick adaptability, risk management etc. The challenges will depend on your goal, expectations, team profile. There are many options such as: Control Tower (leadership, listening), Spider web (strategy, time management), Scoop challenge (creativity, synchronization) and so on…

Feria Andaluza: Have you heard about the famous and popular Andalusian fairs? You can now have your own private Andalusian Feria during or after your group lunch or dinner. The real and genuine details you would find at the Feria de Málaga will be brought to the venue/hotel of your choice: authentic Feria furniture, colourful paper lanterns, fair stands with regional food, fair game stands (duck fishing, mini basket, rifle shooting etc.) flamenco dressed monitors, music and many more options you may choose “à la carte”. You may choose to have a competition with the feria games and the winner will get a special prize at the end of the event.

Golf at Sea: A unique, exclusive experience you have seen nowhere before. The perfect combination of a relaxing boat trip and a nice ecological activity whether you are a group of experienced golfers or just beginners. Our revolutionary biodegradable and eco-friendly golf balls are made of fish food and get decamped within 96 hours in the water. Practice your swing in the middle of the sea, a both chilling and exciting experience with your colleagues you will certainly want to come back to.

Paella & Sangría Challenge: This is THE gastronomical experience to enjoy during your MICE event in Spain. It can take place in a garden, at the sea front, in a typical courtyard of a beautiful Spanish “Cortijo” or any other space of your choice. Professional chefs, multilingual event managers, private use of the chosen venue, sound system, all the cooking equipment and ingredients you will need during the activity. The best part? Enjoying a complete meal including the delicious paellas you would have prepared with the specialists’ help together with the sangrias!